Emerging Technology

Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality are emerging technologies that will change how we experience data. Our laptops, tablets and phones will soon  allow us to visualise and explore virtual locations over the web.

The video below demonstrates how a VR headset allows us to work with point cloud data using dedicated software.

Veesus Arena 4D Data Studio enables Stageport’s clients to visualise point clouds, imagery, CAD models, PDF’s, and more while you can markup, annotate, measure and even edit your point clouds too.

Using a combination of software including Data Studio, Stageport will ensure your venue data includes all the relevant technical information that clients need to progress their plans. Increasing footfall to your venue from producers, designers and event managers through their phone, tablet or laptop.

In addition to event planning, your data is also compatible with game engines like Unity or other equivalent software.

Below is an example of pointcloud data captured by Stageport and provided to Nick Bottemley Msc. for use in his Masters Dissertation. His research centred on VR’s potential to re-stage archive performances in cultural settings.

Nick merged Stageport’s data with archive material found at The Pearce Institute Glasgow, Including from one notable visit by Noam Chomsky. Providing an excellent Illustration of how scan data can be applied to archiving events at your location and showcasing the flexibility of the data for creative teams.