Creative Informatics

In 2020, Stageport were delighted to begin work with the Edinburgh International Festival on a challenge project funded by Creative Informatics.
The challenge set by EIF, was to create virtual working spaces for that enable the Festival provide the digital planning resources that world-class productions expect.
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The Challenge

The Project

In order to achieve the aims of the project,  The Hub on Castle Terrace, was chosen as the pilot venue. The Hub is a converted church, home to the offices of the Edinburgh International Festival and two of their festival venues.

The process began with the capture of the entire venue comprising over 700 laser scans combined with a drone survey of the roof and complemented by high resolution ground level photographs.

Once the point cloud was complete and registered, the architectural modelling team created a Building Information Model (BIM) of The Hub using Autodesk Revit.

To create an industry standard working environment that could be accessed by International companies, EIF specified Vectorworks as their preferred software application.

Stageport converted the models from Autodesk Revit to Vectorworks.

Stageport explored two avenues during this phase, Vectorworks direct Revit import and conversion of the Revit file to Industry Foundation Class (IFC) . Both processes required further optimisation of the geometry within Vectorworks.

The final aspect of the challenge is to securely host  these resources on Vectorworks Cloud and ensure ease of use by  visiting production companies.

Creative Labs are planned at EIF in Spring 2022 to test the system we have developed.

A full report will  published once this is complete.

For more information, or if you have any questions, about this project please contact