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Our digital surveying services provide venues and producers with the resources they need to plan, visualise and produce live events, in any location. 



Our Services

Stageport provide digital surveying and pre-visualisation services to the UK arts and entertainment industry. 

Our services include: Laser Scanning, Photogrammetry,  CAD drawing, Virtual Tours and Digital Design.

We aim to improve communication between Venues, Producers and Audiences through digital innovation.




Data Capture
Event Infrastructure in mm accurate detail
3D model in accessible format for event managers and contractors


Our surveys provide detailed information about every part of your building in accessible formats that you can share with clients or use to plan in house work.

Contact to find out more about or Scan to Cad and  Virtual Tour services.  

Data Capture
Digital Asset
3D model export to PDF, CAD, or Web GL


Producers  can commission a survey of any location. 

We gather data on site and create the digital resources you need to plan your event. 

Our services include 3D CAD, Virtual Tours, Pre-visualisation and Risk Assessment.

Data Capture



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