Visualise Every Stage

Bring your venue to life using our digital surveying services.

Help clients visualise and plan their events.

Improve communication with suppliers and reduce maintenance costs.

Provide audiences with access information.

Make site visits a thing of the past.

Our Services

We survey venues using cutting edge laser scanning technology, producing 3D content, CAD,  360º  photo tours and access information that vastly improves your ability to communicate with producers, suppliers and audiences.

We help venues communicate with visiting companies.

We help producers and designers to visualise and plan work in any location.

We create content that audiences can engage with. 

Data Capture at Event Location
Event Infrastructure in mm accurate detail
3D model in accessible format for event managers and contractors
Agile Digital Asset



Digital surveying provides Venues and Producers  with enhanced information.

Venues can easily communicate with suppliers, visiting companies and audiences.

Producers can visualise events within the venues they are due to visit.

Designers can place concepts on stage and view from any perspective.

Overall planning capability is vastly improved.



Our surveys provide detailed information about every part of your building in accessible formats that you can share with clients or use to plan work.

Communication with visiting production companies is easy when you have  access to all the information they require at your fingertip.

Audiences will enjoy the enhanced quality of the events you present.

Staff and suppliers can easily plan maintenance work in advance, reducing time and saving money.

Data Capture
Digital Asset
3D Model with critical details added, export to PDF, CAD, or Web GL
Export any View


Our surveys allow you to view venues  from any perspective, reduce risk, save time and enhance production designs.

Here’s how we do it.

We capture data at your preferred location.

We network you to interactive 3D content, that gives you the freedom to inspect the venue in amazing detail.

We work with you to visualise your production in any location.

We distribute relevant information to prospective clients, designers and technicians, in their preferred format.


Data Capture
Point Cloud Geometry
Add Designed Elements
Check Every Detail In 3D