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We survey venues using cutting edge laser scanning technology, producing 3D content, CAD,  360º  photo tours and access information that vastly improves your ability to communicate with producers, suppliers and audiences.

Data Capture at Event Location
Event Infrastructure in mm accurate detail
3D model in accessible format for event managers and contractors



Our surveys provide detailed information about every part of your building in accessible formats that you can share with clients or use to plan in house work.

Communication  is easy when you have  all the information you need at your fingertip.

Data Capture
Digital Asset
3D Model with critical details added, export to PDF, CAD, or Web GL


Producers  can commission a survey of any location. 

We gather data and collect the information you need to plan your event. 

From spacial analysis to structural and electrical electrical testing  and the provision of CDM documention and Risk Assessments. 

Let us gather what you need to design and host your event. 

Our survey’s help you  reduce risk, save time and allow creative teams to start work. 

Data Capture


Stageport’s aim is to build a comprehensive database of virtual venues that provide a number of downstream benefits:

  • Venue staff can access and share detailed information about the facilities they manage. (Building Information Modelling)
  • Venues can share enhanced access information with audiences and offer virtual tours to clients.
  • Producers can visualize designs within each venue and share information with production teams.

Since 2018, Stageport has built a network of co investigators and we have received funding from The Royal Society of Edinburgh, Creative Scotland, Edinburgh University, Edinburgh International Festival, Scottish Futures Trust and The Royal Conservatoire of Scotland.

In 2019 Stageport designed and led a digital innovation project with support from Creative Scotland.

Production Design & Vizualisation ran from April 2019 to December 2019

The initial aim of the project was to visualize a new theatre production in a virtual venue and explore what benefits this could bring in terms of design delivery, production management, and audience engagement.

The project also aimed to investigate what content emerges when creative teams developing a new show engage with technology normally geared towards creating immersive experiences. 

The report is available to download below.


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